Effortless Document
& Email Management.

Moving Beyond Basic Document Management

Worldox offers cradle-to-grave management of every form of information that can be saved as a file. Moreover, it can integrate with virtually any other system that generates the data your organization relies upon, and offers virtually unlimited customization capabilities.

Many products only manage document files considered to be directly relevant to their own functions – such as billing or docketing – and ignore everything else. They might, for instance, be incapable of managing email. If you want to bring together all the documents associated with a project, client relationship, or legal matter, that’s a glaring omission.

File type limitations like these will become even more troublesome as your organization evolves, and increasingly requires convenient access to more types of information, such as voicemail records or video content.

Some products offer excellent collaboration capabilities. However, they do virtually nothing to control where or how users store their documents. Users can create folders virtually at will; they are not required to fill out profiles for each document; if document metadata does exist, it is not validated for accuracy and consistency. As a result, you do not gain the business benefits of document management. You can’t easily and confidently find, manage, or reuse the information you’ve paid to create.

With Worldox, you can control, organize, and manage all your information coherently, and your people can access whatever content they need, whenever they need it, no matter where or how that content was created. Moreover, when new business challenges arise – such as compliance and document retention – you already have the document management tools you need to respond.



Award winning document management in the cloud.

It has a powerful feature set and a remarkably easy-to-use interface. Now the new Worldox Cloud offers those same tools via cloud deployment—quick and seamless document access for firms that choose to manage information in a remote, centralized data center model.


Our traditional on-site product with proven reliability over two decades.

Our latest product reflects everything we have learned in delivering state-of-the-art document management solutions since 1988. Worldox Professional will enhance your ability to organize, control and access your data.


Newly redesigned architecture optimized for multi-site environments.

Enterprise is not a limited-feature, web-based tool. It’s the familiar, easy-to use Worldox – virtually identical to Worldox Professional, our classic desktop product. No learning curve, no retraining needed. All the features that make Worldox such a popular, cost-effective document management solution are here.



A single solution for both remote PCs and portable devices

Your people can connect to Worldox Web from any Internet connection, and access the same document store they would see in the office – all without installing any new software on any of their portable devices.


Secure. Share. Collaborate. Access.

The increasing emphasis on both collaboration and security presents today’s law firm with a growing challenge. Industry leaders Worldox and Workshare have worked together to empower your attorneys with the ability to collaborate from anywhere without compromising security.


Enjoy the convenience of Worldox® on your iPad® or iPhone®

Experience the power of remote access to a leading document management system.

Simply put, Worldox delivers true, all-encompassing document management that doesn’t just promise powerful efficiency, but actually achieves it.



Worldox Client Matter Connectors automate the process of updating Worldox profile field tables.

Worldox Time and Billing Connectors automate the process of updating Worldox profile field tables with client and matter information – connecting you behind the scenes with the latest information from your linked time, billing and practice management systems including Elite, Juris, Omega, AcumniEW, Prolaw, PCLaw and others.


Effortlessly scan documents directly into Worldox from a variety of supported devices.

Worldox supports numerous scanners and multi-function devices providing multiple “on-ramps” for organizing paper documents in your document management system..


Make your electronic retention policies match those for paper with the Worldox Bulk Archiving Connector.

Bulk Archiving Connector ultimately improves the users’ experience, enabling faster and more precise searches, while securely archiving large numbers of antiquated documents. It also reduces Worldox indexer initialization and update times, as well as freeing up disk space on the primary production file servers.



Streamline your work with Worldox Workflow Tools.

Workflow, Event Notify and Task Reminder will quickly become essential components that enhance your productivity.


Ensure that all your newly profiled and legacy files are fully text searchable.

ContentCrawler for Worldox solves problems that might result from image-based files by identifying non-searchable content and converting it to a text-searchable PDF


The new Worldox Productivity Suite includes the full versions of compareDocs 4 and pdfDocs 4 from DocsCorp.

It also includes the time-saving Worldox Workflow, Notify and Task Reminder tools for efficient document routing and task assignments.

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